Irene Diaz. Artist. Photographer. Lover.

Irene Diaz (Neno) born in Zacatecas in 1956 explores her Mexican culture with imagery and vivid colors inspired by her grandmother’s garden. Through abstract works of photography, paintings, sculptures, printmaking, ceramics and jewelry. Diaz shows how her past and present connect to create works that depict her inherent multiculturalism.  Sensual and aesthetic, spiritual yet magical, Diaz’s pieces seem to condense the dynamically fluid motion of the light within her powerful gestures of paint, water and mixed media. Diaz invites you to experience the images from every angle to understand her use of life’s experiences with family, which is one of the main sources of her works and her own sense of self. The results are an on going narrative, which documents a life in motion and a love of art that is timeless. 

The passion in Diaz’s works derives from her struggle with her own bicultural identity and the close connection she has with her family’s history, which she calls

 “ Feelings to sew”: where weddings, funerals, baptisms, religious holidays and special moments in life are the architecture of Diaz’s abstracts and photographs.

Before graduating from The University of the Pacific in 2003, Diaz was a floral designer and wedding consultant.  She lived one summer on the island of Paros, Greece where she painted in the meadows of “ The Valley of Butterflies.”  When she left Greece she moved to San Miguel de Allende Guanajuato, Mexico to pursue a Masters degree in Fine Arts, with an emphasis in photography and painting.  Since then, her experiences in Mexico, Greece, and back home in the USA have flavored Diaz’s multimedia works which include, traditional and digital photography, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, painting in oils, acrylics, watercolors, collage, drawing and Photoshop in what can be called fusion art.

As an artist she believes that time, place, and the effect of the environment play a role in the outcome of all her works. Citing an ancient Aztec saying: “The true artist: draws out form his/her heart, works with delight, makes things with calm, with sagacity. Works like a true Toltec, composes his/her objects, works dexterously, invents; arranges materials, adorns them, makes them adjust.”